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What Happens After Your Web Site Appears?
You want people to find your Web site, so someone should inform the world.

Marketing for a Web Site Starts with your web site.
CogniText will carry out Search Engine Optimization on your web site. The search engines catalog and sort by the page title, the page META tags, and/or the page text. CogniText understands the search engine requirements and will prepare your site to maximize the likelihood of people finding your site.

Your Site Will Be Submitted to Search Engine that require submissions.
Then we will register your site with at least 10 top search engines.

Marketing for a Web Site Includes Directories
CogniText will register your site with the important directories for your area of business. Finding the directories most appropriate for your site is a customized service.

Marketing for a Web Site Includes Reciprocal Linking
CogniText will search for web sites aimed at the same potential visitor as your site. After identifying other sites and obtaining agreement from you, CogniText will arrange for reciprocal links with the cooperating sites.

Marketing for a Web Site may Include Media Publicity
CogniText will guide you in the marketing of your Internet Web site. If you are interested in media publicity for your Web site, CogniText will write a publicity release describing the importance of your site. That publicity release will then be delivered to as many media contacts as you desire, distributed by personalized email or through the publicity wires services.

Experienced Marketing Brings Web Site Visitors
After the high-powered marketing by CogniText, clients will find you by searching on your name and the most important key words you specify. You know that people want to find your Web site for information about you and your business.

Your clients and potential customers will find you on the Internet after CogniText markets your site.

Read about the CogniText Web Site Marketing Packages.

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