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Large, busy community sites

CogniText builds large Web sites with a proprietary PHP/MySQL platform so that content management lies directly in the hands of your Editorial, Sales, Marketing and Communications staff.

Connecting with customers and visitors [and allowing them to connect with each other] is a critical aspect of today's business environment. See how CogniText sets up html email, along with wireless and site messaging to ensure instant, personalized communications.

The E-Commerce platform enables sale of physical products, sale and download of electronic products, and subscription sales. Fully integrated with user and member functions, CogniText uses the PHP/MySQL platform to deliver a highly focused sales platform no matter what your needs.

CogniText uses the PHP/MySQL platform which provides a powerful platform for the exchange of information [between users and your company]. Calendars, Profiles, Messaging, Comments, Message Boards and more are all fully integrated.

Small standard sites

For companies with small budgets, CogniText builds standard Web sites. These sites may include forms, autoresponders, Flash, e-commerce and secure credit card processing.


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