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How Do We Proceed, and How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

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You Do Not Need a Web Server or a Dedicated PC

CogniText Chooses and Contacts an Internet Service provider
CogniText chooses the best service provider. The selected service provider will provide the computer space and the phone lines for the Web site. The selected service provider will charge your credit card for the following services.

$15.95 - one time

Apply for your unique address and pay for one year of registration.

$9.95 per month

The Web Host will host your Web site on their computers, maintain the computers and the technical connections, provide mail boxes.
This rate brings you 5 Gigabytes of storage, allowing you to display thousandsof pages of text and many pictures. The exact number of pictures stored in 5 Gigabytes will depend on the size and quality of the pictures.
The $9.95 per month rate also allows 500 Gigabytes of traffic. This means that your Web site can get a huge numberr of hits per day. If your site becomes even more successful, it's easy to move up to the $24.95 per month account with greater capacity.

If you need more space, the next rate is $24.95 per month for 30 times the storage and 3 times the traffic. Thus, even if you are bringing in a huge amount of traffic and displaying a large number of graphics and videos, your monthly charges will remain reasonable.

CogniText Provides Only the Service You Need
In consultation with you, CogniText will prepare a proposal for your Web site. The proposal will specify the cost of the exact Web site that you prefer.

CogniText keeps costs down by charging a reasonable hourly rate and charging only for the hours spent working on the Web site.

You get dependable, professional work, and you get the Web site you want.

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