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What do our clients say?

Virginia, your knowledge and talent, your precision for details have given us a great website which I'm sure every person will be delighted to use. Thanks for your wonderful imagination and thoroughness. I will highly recommend the services of CogniText to everyone.
Hotel Kasha

Dear Virginia,
Because of your experience, understanding, and commitment to my needs, you have been a tremendous asset to our company's expansion into the internet.
Should any of your clients have questions regarding your services, please feel free to have them contact me.
Derrick Obatake
President/Lucy Ann

Our web site is great, Virginia!! I get all kinds of compliments from people who contact me -- the latest was the American Music Center in New York. Thank you for this lovely connection for Elinor with the world!!
Virginia Bortin

Thanks again for coming through for me.
Statistical Solutions, Ltd.

You are the greatest.
Patricia Fry, Matilija Press

A great editor and person. Without you, this book could not have happened! Thank you.
Mark Curran, NMD Books


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