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CogniText builds large, busy community sites where your employees can manage the site content. You can track your visitors, customize page presentations for those visitors, and easily contact subgroups with HTML e-mail.


Managing content using PHP/MySQL consists of just 2 primary steps:

  1. Choose Site Area
  2. dd new article

In most instances basic html knowledge is only required during the site configuration process and additionally only as site structure changes are made. Most of our Web database users are NON html staffers such as Editors, Marketers, Sales and Communications professionals. Day to day content and site management does not require html expertise.


Key to the PHP/MySQL platform is the full integration of all functionality elements. Nowhere is the benefit of this integration more powerful than in the communications modules. Using a combination of question form and a management tool, administrators can target highly focused groups of users, deliver messages and track results all from a browser.


The E-Commerce platform enables sale of physical products, sale and download of electronic products, and subscription sales. Fully integrated with user and member functions, CogniText uses the PHP/MySQL platform to deliver a highly focused sales platform no matter what your needs.


The CogniText PHP/MySQL platform's community functionality is fully integrated with analitical and campaign management tools.


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