<> Gen-Z Author Launches Volume Three as Part of Sci-Fi Book Series: That's Required Reading in Schools and He Will Appear at Store Signing

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Gen-Z Author Launches Volume Three as Part of Sci-Fi Book Series
That's Required Reading in Schools and He Will Appear at Store Signing

Sherman Oaks, CA — November 21, 2019 TLOV Publishing announces the launch of Varak Kaloustian's third book, Psycho Star Showdown, as part of The Legend of V sci-fi trilogy. Making this so unique is that it was written by a teenager. His first volume in the series has become required reading in several private schools. Psycho Star Showdown, released in 2019, is his latest creation.

The Legend of V, Book 3 The tale begins after a strange extraterrestrial visitor hands the US government a flash drive with coordinates. A new chilling possibility arises. Perhaps the "failed" Project Mutant succeeded and there are potentially dangerous human mutants out there, waiting for their opportunity to enact revenge.

V is called upon to investigate this looming threat. Together with his best friends, Griff and Azilez, his brothers, Z and D, and his alien friend, Vizor, they venture to the Space Garden, a series of asteroids connected by a black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. They will unravel the secrets of the government-hidden Project Mutant, a research experiment disguised as the first manned space expedition designed to give humans supernatural abilities.

Join Varak Kaloustian on Saturday, December 21st, 2019 at Abril Books in Glendale when he signs copies of his latest installment in The Legend of V sci-fi book series, Psycho Star Showdown. The store is located at 415 E. Broadway, Unit 102, Glendale, CA 91205.
818-243-4112. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m.

Varak's enthusiasm for writing began when he was only seven years old. It was then that he started making up characters and creating comic books. Today he's inserted himself into his stories, as one of his superheroes simply named V, cleverly presenting the internal conflicts that exist within people, contrasting darkness against light, highlighting good versus evil.

According to Varak, "What started out as a homework assignment to write down our thoughts each day turned into the basis for my future book, and now series. I never imagined that I would write a sci-fi trilogy, or that my first volume would one day actually become mandatory reading in schools".

Varak Signing Books
Varak Kaloustian Signing Books
Varak Talking to Class
Varak Kaloustian Presenting to Students
Varak Auditorium Talk
Varak Kaloustian Speaking to a Large Audience

Book one, The Solar System's Prophecies, follows V's personal journey to discover what the Legend of V is. He must figure out, with the Dark Spirit's guidance, who his true friends are, where and what the Solar Prophecies and the Unbound Evil are hiding, and what role he plays in the Legend of V as its chosen one. Award-winning screenwriter Alison Mason had this to say: "Archeology meets X-files leading to an apocalyptic battle between ultimate good and evil in this scientific fictional action-packed adventure of teenage self-discovery fueled by the hero's compassion and courage."

Book two, Triangle Corruption, is the sequel to The Solar System's Prophecies. In it, V, the 13-year-old chosen one, returned from his quest to quell the Unbound Evil. Now, with his newfound alien ally, Vizor, V must venture out to Hell and find Vizor's home planet, Treah, so they can locate the Shadow Prophecies before the Devil and Vizor's father harness their power to destroy the Earth. On this journey, V will confront the most evil opponent he's faced yet – himself.

His sci-fi action-adventure series has sold over one thousand copies to date, and with the latest installment, Psycho Star Showdown, the momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down. Varak, now 20, is a sought-after guest speaker at schools, book signings, camps and film festivals. He is also a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

Psycho Star Showdown is available on Amazon in paperback for $15.00, and $4.99 for the Kindle e-book version, or through his website. As an added bonus, Varak Kaloustian is offering a free download of his new short story, “A Boy,” which is about knowing and staying true to yourself. https://thelegendofv.com/other-projects


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