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Exercise Book Helps to Creatively Break Cabin Fever from Covid-19
as Author, Athlete and Sports Activist
Teaches Innovative Techniques Featuring the Environmental Elements

Torrance, CA — May 18, 2020 Inspirational exercise expert and sports training guru Bonnie Frankel is launching her new book, Bonnie's Theory - Finding the Right Exercise. The aim is to help motivate people to discover their passions and inner strengths. This is especially important during our world-wide coronavirus pandemic and mandatory quarantine, where millions of individuals are now stuck at home, and running out of healthy things to do. Whether you're young or old, an exercise enthusiast or couch potato, this book has something for everyone.

Bonnie Frankel Running Bonnie's Theory highlights the centuries-old elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, where she has come up with an innovative method to match people's psychological make-up (personality and emotions) with a new twist. Bonnie has discovered the perfect tailor-made exercise routines based on these element types. Her theory will help readers achieve their best results and a healthy fitness.

According to Ms. Frankel, "During these challenging times people are looking for creative ways to keep motivated, and break the feelings of isolation and depression, ditch unhealthy addictions, and build up their immune systems. By identifying your personal element type, you will not only find the right exercise routine, but you'll stick with it and maintain fitness for the rest of your life."

The book takes readers through her personal journey. It also offers a quiz to help them identify their specific element by using the characteristics they most resonate with. It covers a list of many exercises to choose from. Examples include: Fire, aerobics; air, gymnastics; earth, walking; and water, yoga. There are additional samples. (Note that these elements don't necessarily correspond with one's astrological sign.)

Bonnie stretching Bonnie Frankel can speak with conviction and authority as she has been an inspiration to many people. She has been victorious in surviving breast cancer, a suicide attempt after her divorce, homelessness, and a hip replacement. Throughout it all, she has continued to reinvent her life all by self-rehabilitation through exercise.

Ms. Frankel is no stranger to the media, having been covered nationally and internationally for her accomplishments. Bonnie made history by changing an N.C.A.A. (National Collegiate Athletic Association) rule, now known as "The Bonnie Rule." She then became the oldest woman to compete in a Division 1 women's sport - swimming. She is also known as an ageless runner, and has trained to qualify for the Olympic trials with an artificial hip.

As the pandemic crisis of Covid-19 has stretched across the globe amid stay-at-home orders, forced isolations, social distancing, and widespread loneliness, people are longing for something positive, healthy, and psychologically uplifting to do. Many individuals are worried about gaining weight, being lethargic, or unmotivated. Bonnie Frankel can guide your audience to develop an exercise plan with pure infectious entertainment to help motivate them in a healthy positive way.

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